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Latest Covid-19 arrangements at the Park (Updated 27th March 2022)

Freshwater Update from March 2022

With the easing of Coronavirus restrictions on 27th January, it would appear that ‘normality’ of some description is returning and although some people will be nervous which is understandable, it is important that we move forward from the position we have been in for the last two years.

Obviously anyone wishing to carry on wearing a mask in Reception or the Bars and Shop will be more than welcome to do so. It is up to each individual to decide what is best for them and take the necessary action to ensure they feel safe.

Swimming Pools

At this time, it is our intention to carry on with the online booking

system for the indoor pools, during school holidays and at the

weekends. From Monday to Friday outside of school holidays, the

indoor pool will be ‘free flow’.

This prevents the reception area and the upstairs bar being clogged up

on busy and/or wet days with customers waiting for the coloured band

system to be called and eases congestion in the changing village.

This will remain bookable 24 hours in advance, until further notice,

please follow the link:

When the outdoor pool opens, we intend for this pool to remain free

flow as it did last year. The date for opening this pool is yet to be


Kind regards


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