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Mr Ivory

"I'm a bit worried, the others didn't come back after having a bath"

Thats better

Last Milk from Mum before I go

Goodbye Mr Ivory

You won't be needing this Collar any more

This is One Happy Family

Bath time for Mr Indigo

This is nice

How do I look

Goodbye No.2 Mummy

There goes my Identity

Hello NEW No.2 Mummy

Goodbye Shaftesbury

Bath time for Mr Jade

If that was Bath time it was OK

Goodbye Mr Jade

Im getting the Snip

I'm hiding

Lets just Wreck it shall we?

Ruby's Bath time


Just a bit off the top please

This is my new family

Mr Ebony

Don't look, I'm having a bad hair day

Mr Ebony

Don't look, I'm having a bad hair day

Hey, I'm a bit young to get the Snip

            This is my New Family

Jazmin watching her last pup eat before leaving for her new home (Miss Rose)

What did I do to deserve this ?

Look at me posing Mummy

Goodbye Miss Rose

Now how will I know who I am?

I'm just going to sleep till we get there

I'm sure this is where I left them.

They were here the last time I looked

All the Pups are now with their New Owners

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