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Jazmins Second Litter (2015)

Latest News

Jazmin delivered Three Pups today (Sunday 6th December 2015)

Mum & Pups doing Well.

Pups are Six days old today (12th December 2015) and are doing well

putting on between 2 & 5 Ounces per day. Jazmin is doing well.

Pups eyes (and ears) are now Open. 11 Days Old. 17th December

Started Solid Food Today at 21 Days 27th December.

The Pups are now Seven Weeks Old (24/1/16) and will soon

be going to their New Homes. They are now Registered

with the KC :-

Mr Mint Hilsgoldens Royal Mint

Mr Cocoa       Hilsgoldens Cocoa Loco

Miss Lemon   Hilsgoldens Lemon Surprise

First Pup has gone to his new home today (Mr Mint) 1/2/16

Second Pup has gone to his new home today (Mr Cocoa) 5/2/16

Last Pup gone to her new home today (Miss Lemon) 13/2/16

See Pictures Below.

Mum Jazmin at 44 days in whelp taking a well deserved

afternoon nap. Click HERE for Jazmins Full Details.

Lloydy, Daddy in waiting (again)

This is Lloydy (Denmarella Follow the Sun JW. ShCM)

Click HERE for Lloydys Full Details

​Only 12 Days to go.

Ready for the Big Day

Ready for the Big Day

Jazmin at 58 Days (Only 5 to go)

First Pup (Dog) Mr Mint 1lb 4oz

Second Pup (Dog) Mr Cocoa 1lb 6oz

Third Pup (Bitch) Miss Lemon 11oz

Jazmin with Pups at 12 hours old

Jazmin with Pups at 12 hours old

Mint at 5 Days weighing in at 2lb 3oz

Cocoa at 5 Days weighing in at 2lb 8oz

Lemon at 5 Days weighing in at 1lb 3oz

Lovely Trio

Family Meal

Jazmin & Pups getting into Festive Mood

Pups now 12 Days Old

Mr Mint at 12 Days

Mr Cocoa at 12 Days

Miss Lemon at 12 Days

Pups at 2 Weeks Old

Cocoa & Lemon at 2 Weeks Old

Cocoa & Lemon at 2 Weeks Old

Mr Mint Daily Weight Check

Mr Cocoa Daily Weight Check

Miss Lemon Daily Weight Check

Mr Mint having his first Pedicure

Mr Cocoa having his first Pedicure

Miss Lemon having her first Pedicure

Mr Mint Trying Solid Food at 21 Days.

Mr Cocoa Trying Solid Food at 21 Days. (He's not too sure!)

Miss Lemon Trying Solid Food at 21 Days.

Pups at 21 Days Trying Solid Food

for the first time.

Lets see how they get on with this.

Mint, Lemon & Cocoa

Mint, Lemon & Cocoa

Lets see if there's any left in here.

I'll just check this one out too.

Look at me, I'm Six Weeks old now

The Coast is clear, follow me!

Your my Big Sister, why don't you help me escape?

What do you mean, am I having a bad hair day?

How did you get in there?

Is it round here?

Any Food in here?

I didn't eat it all, Honest!

This growing lark is such Hard Work

They won't find me in here.

Basket Full of Trouble

I thought Water was Only for Drinking

That's Better

Who's a Fluffy Boy then

One Last Picture with Mum

I Suppose this is Goodbye then.

The Final Tie (Removing the ID Collar)

This is my New Mum

I'm going to be just fine.

Why don't you Join me, the water is, very wet.

What Now?

Don't look at me!

Say Goodbye to Number Two Son Jazmin.

Where are they taking me now?

Goodbye Mr Cocoa

This is my New Mummy

Bye Bye Hilsgolden.

Miss Lemon with Mum (Jazmin)

This is a Good Spot

I didn't know what "Lets give you a bath" meant.

I will next time!

What do you mean "I don't look very happy)

This is a bit better

Why are you saying goodbye, where am I going?

You be a good girl for your New Family

Cutting the final tie.

This is Anna, She will look after me on the Journey to my New Home.

Bye Miss Lemon. 

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