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Kizzies Litter (2011)

Kizzie has had her first scan and it has confirmed that she is in pup.

At this stage we have no idea on possible number but the lady who did the scan thought she could see six or seven. The puppies are due to be born on the 28th March 2011, we have done the same mating as last time with Goldenabbey Telegram Sam at Evergolden (Sam)

Hilsgolden Lady in Disguise (Kizzie) Hips are 4-5 =9 Eyes clear 21st Sept.2011 checked by Mr. Ian Mason at Hythe Vet Hospital,Nr.Southampton

Goldenabbey Telegram Sam at Evergolden (Sam) are 4-4=8 Eyes clear

See below pictures of Sam --- Goldenabbey Telegram Sam at Evergolden

And below, Pictures of Kizzie --- Hilsgolden Lady in Disguise 

Kizzie at 48 Days in Whelp on her favorite seat in the garden

Kizzie at 48 Days in Whelp

Kizzie at 48 Days in Whelp relaxing after another hard day

All Ready for the big day

Ooh that was a powerful contraction!

Kizzie has had her Pups (6 Dogs and 2 Bitches)

Mum and Pups all doing well

Mr Orange's first weigh in

Mr Blues first weigh in

Mr Golds first weigh in

Mr Reds first weigh in

Miss Yellow's first weigh in

Mr Silvers first weigh in

Miss Pink's first weigh in

Mr Whites first weigh in

Happy Family

Weigh in at 11 days. Too big for kitchen scales now

Mr Orange at 2lb 4oz aged 11 days

Mr Blue at 1lb 14oz aged 11 days

Mr Gold at 1lb 15oz aged 11 days

Mr Red at 3lb 1oz aged 11 days

Mr Silver at 2lb 7oz aged 11 days

Miss Pink at 2lb 14oz aged 11 days

Mr White at 2lb 9oz aged 11 days

Two weeks old today. 2lb 10oz (Mr Orange)

Two weeks old today. 2lb 2oz (Mr Blue)

Two weeks old today. 2lb 8oz (Mr Gold)

Two weeks old today. 3lb 11oz (Mr Red)

Two weeks old today. 2lb 13oz (Mr Silver)

Two weeks old today. 3lb 3oz (Miss Pink)

Two weeks old today. 3lb 2oz (Mr White)

Mr Gold leads the first (unsuccessful) escape attempt

Kizzie (Behind) lying in the sun with Samson (Her Son from last litter)

Standing room only

Two of Kizzies babies, Samson from the last litter

and Miss pink from this litter.

First solid food at 4 weeks (Some of it went in the mouth)

Mr Orange on Easter Sunday

Mr Blue on Easter Sunday

Mr Gold on Easter Sunday

Mr Red on Easter Sunday

Mr Silver on Easter Sunday

Miss Pink on Easter Sunday

Mr White on Easter Sunday

Mr Blue wants to be a footballer when he grows up

A nest of the Golden Retriever in the garden

                   Mr's Red, Gold and Blue

Mr White

Miss Pink showing brother Samson how she walks

Miss Pink whispering in brother Samsons ear please let me have the


Watch out brother orange i'm coming to get you

Now Bruv this is how you learn to go round the ring

Can i dig a hole

This is a good place to watch everything going on

Can I have some milk please mum

Well I know what I'm going to be when I grow up

I wonder where this goes to

Standing room Only

Hey that tickles

Samson with his baby Brother Mr Blue


Come on Mr Blue, you can do it.

Mr Orange at six weeks

Mr Blue at six weeks

Mr Gold at six weeks

Mr Red at six weeks

Mr Silver at six weeks

Miss Pink at six weeks

Mr White at six weeks

I'm sure that frog is in here somewhere

First trip in the car

Is he going to leave any for me or not?

I realy must go on a diet, maybe tomorrow

                Seven Weeks Old Today

I'm going to my new home today

Red is my favorite colour you know

You be a good boy for your new owners Mr Red

Goodbye Mummy

Don't worry, we will look after him

Feeding time

You wont finish before me

Samson v the terrible three

Mr Silver's first bath

Time to go

Goodbye Mr Silver, enjoy your new family xx

Spot the odd one out (Mr Orange doing his own thing)

I really don't want a bath (Mr Orange)

This is not so bad

Thats better

Am I going somewhere nice?

This is Angela my new mummy

Mr Blue in Samsons favorite place

Mr Blue after his first bath

Goodbye Mummy

I like my new mummy already.

Then there was 3 (Pink-Gold-White)

This is how to wreck the garden

It wasn't me

Can't play for long, I going for my bath in a minute. (Mr Gold)

Mr. Gold says don't forget my ears

Can I have 40 winks now says Mr.Gold

One last cuddle with Madison

Goodbye Mr Gold

Bye Bye all at Hilsgolden from Mr.Gold now known as Max

Then there was 2 (Pink-White)

Big Brother Samson taught us to do this

Just a last little play before I leave for my new home (Mr White)

Mr Whites first bath

I'm not too sure about that

Thats nice wonder where im off to says Mr White

Last rough and tumble with my Sister Jazmin

Mum with last pups (Pink and White)

Goodbye Mr White be a good boy for your new mummy and daddy

Miss pink wonders where her brother is going to?

Goodbye everybody I have a new mummy now but I will never forget you all, my name is Elvis now

And then there was one

Do you know you are standing on my ear

Are you going to play or not?

Where have they all gone to

Just what I always wanted, my very own cardboard box

This is better

If you would like any more information or would like to be put on our next puppy list then please ring 01747 853070 or 07979894291Or email me.

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