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Latest Litter (and Planned future Litters) Below

August 2021 Violet (Hilsgoldens Violet Cream) Has been mated with Eccles (Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW)

Today (8th September) Our Radiographer Kevin Bone has done an Ultrasound Scan and confirmed that Violet is expecting Pups, they will be due on 8th October 2021. See Below for the Latest News

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Violet's (Hilsgoldens Violet Cream) First Litter

Ultrasound Scan 8th September 2021

Scan picture showing 2 of the Puppies

This Scan shows measurements of one of the Puppies

Violet (Hilsgoldens Violet Cream)

This is Violet, taken a short time before she was taken to be mated with Eccles

Eccles (Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW)

This is Dad to be, Eccles.

Violet at 37 Days

Puppies just starting to show now at 37 Days in Whelp

Violet at 49 Days

Getting Bigger, Now at Day 49

Day 52

Using a handheld Ultrasound Doppler, the Puppies Heartbeats can be clearly heard now. (Turn your volume up)

Day 55

Does my Bump look big today?

Violet went into Labour at Midday today (5th October 2021) By 1pm she had Four Pups. She then had a break of Three Hours before producing Four more Pups finishing at 6pm

First Photo of Violet with her New Pups

         Violet has Four Boys  and Four Girls

                                    Kermit            Piggy

Smurf             Nessie

 Casper           Winnie

   Barney            Beauty 

Look at me with my New Babies

One Day Old, Box of Mischief

This is a very comfortable Bed

Daily Weight Check

 All the Puppies get weighed every day, this ensures that they are all getting enough milk from mum and that they are all gaining weight. (3 Days old today)

From Left to Right the Four Boys

Kermit, Smurf, Casper and Barney

and below the Four Girls

Piggy, Nessie, Winnie and Beauty

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Violet has lost one of her Puppies.

Last Night (10/10/21) at about 7pm Kermit was found lifeless under mum, it looks like a tragic accident where she has accidentally laid on him.

Some of the Pups getting a top-up

From the Front :-





Three of the Pups having a snuggle

From the Top:-




Feeding Time

It's Feeding Time AGAIN.                When mum comes in the pups know exactly where to find the milk, even though their eyes and ears are not yet open.

Above, From the Left, Smurf getting his first pedicure and you can see that his eyes are just open. The Second and Third pictures show Piggy getting her nails clipped and a nice clear view of her eyes open. The last picture is Winnie getting her nails clipped, her eyes are not yet open, we will post a picture when they are.

Above, from the Left, Casper getting his Nails clipped and the next one showing his eyes just open. The Third and Fourth pictures show Nessie getting a pedicure and her eyes open

Above, from the Left, First and Second are pictures of Barney getting his nails done and his eyes just open. The last Two pictures are Beauty having nails done and showing her eyes open, just.

Pups are now too Big for the Kitchen scales so we are using Baby Scales to weigh them.

Above, From the Left, Smurf, Piggy, Casper and Nessie.

and below, from Left to Right

Barney, Winnie and Beauty

We like to spread out a bit now

Hey, who said you could take my Picture? (Smurf)

Smurf and Barney

This growing up lark makes you very tired


Nessie and Beauty having a cuddle

Someone is hogging the nest

Stop pushing, there's plenty for all of you

The Puppies are Three Weeks old and have tried Solid Food for the First time.

Above, From the Left, Smurf, Piggy, Casper and Nessie

and Below from the Left Barney, Winnie, Beauty and a Free for All

The Pups have been Wormed with Panacur today, they were not impressed

above from Left to Right Smurf, Piggy, Casper and Nessie. 

and Below from Left to Right Barney, Winnie and Beauty.

Puppies are getting into the Halloween "Spirit"

Above, from the Left, Smurf, Piggy, Casper and Nessie

and Below, Barney, Winnie and Beauty.

Puppies at Four Weeks

We have very good Table (Floor) Manners

Has anyone seen Mum, we would like some Milk Please

Puppies are now Five Weeks Old, they still get weighed every day but need a little encouragement to sit on the scales.

Above from the Left:- Smurf, Piggy, Casper and Nessie

and Below:- Barney, Winnie and Beauty.

This is Ezra, our Big Puppy from the last litter playing with the new Babies

Winnie using Casper as a Pillow

This is my Special Place (Nessie)

Growing up is Such Hard Work

Barney, pretending to be an emoji

Thanks to Sarah

Ezra (Puppy from our previous litter, 11 Months Old)

claiming back his old Puppy Bed

Just back from the Vets. We have all been checked and chipped. We were all on our best behaviour (First time ever)

Violet Playing with her Pups

As it was a Sunny day today, we are posing for our Seven Week Photo's outside.

Above, From Left to Right, Smurf, Piggy, Casper and Nessie.

Below, From Left to Right, Barney, Winnie, and Beauty.


It's my leaving day today, I'm the First to go.

I've just had my Bath, I think I liked it.


This is more like it.


The last tie, removing the collar.

"Hey, you go careful with those scissors."


I'm off to live in Farmborough with my new Mum & Dad

Anyone seen Barney ??


Don't look at me, I'm having a very bad hair day.


OK, you can get me out now.


I like this bit!


I hope i'm getting a new collar


I'm starting a new life in Camberley.

Bye Bye Hilsgolden 


What has happened to my lovely coat?


I think my fluffy coat is coming back.


Not my Tartan collar!!


I'm off to live with Deborah & Robert just down the road.

And then it was FOUR


My turn for a Bath, Hope I don't disappear afterwards like the others have. 


This Towel matches my Collar


You mind my ears with those Scissors


I'm off to Bristol with Shelley & Stuart


Where did all that water come from??


This is more like it.


What's he  up to behind me


I'm off to Basingstoke to live with Laura & Scott


Am I going to be a water dog? I don't think so!


I prefer being a Lapdog


How will people know who I am if you cut my Collar off.


I'm off to Fareham to live with Dan & Charlotte.

PIGGY (Peppa)

It's VERY quiet here now, just me and the bigger dogs. Mum has gone back home with Louise and all my Brothers & Sisters have gone to their lovely New homes.

Thank you for following the progress of our latest litter.

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