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Latest Litter (and Planned future Litters) Below

August 2021 Violet (Hilsgoldens Violet Cream) Has been mated with Eccles (Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW)

Today (8th September) Our Radiographer Kevin Bone has done an Ultrasound Scan and confirmed that Violet is expecting Pups, they will be due on 8th October 2021. See Below for the Latest News

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To enquire about available Puppies or to go on our Waiting List Please fill in the Form on the  Contact Me  Page

Violet's (Hilsgoldens Violet Cream) First Litter

Ultrasound Scan 8th September 2021

Scan picture showing 2 of the Puppies

This Scan shows measurements of one of the Puppies

Violet (Hilsgoldens Violet Cream)

This is Violet, taken a short time before she was taken to be mated with Eccles

Eccles (Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW)

This is Dad to be, Eccles.

Violet at 37 Days

Puppies just starting to show now at 37 Days in Whelp

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