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Phoebe's Second Litter (2020)

September 2020 Phoebe Has been mated with Eccles (Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW)

Today (9th November) Our Radiographer Kevin Bone has done an Ultrasound Scan and confirmed that Phoebe is expecting Pups, they will be due on 10th December 2020. See Below for the Latest News

Phoebe went into Labour at 5.30pm on Sunday 13th December

(see below)

This is Dad Eccles. (Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW)

You can follow Phoebe's progress Here. Please check back regularly.

These Couple of Ultrasound Scans show some of the Pups. Thanks to Kevin Bone for providing an excellent Scanning Service

The Happy Couple (Phoebe on the Left, Eccles on the Right)

11th October 2020

Phoebe at 37 Days. (Getting Bigger)

15th November 2020

Below, Using a Dopler to listen to the Pups (Turn your Volume up to hear)

Phoebe at 53 days (about 10 Days to go)

Only a week to go now!

Think I may have put on a bit of weight recently.

Phoebe is now on the Maternity Ward (Whelping Room)

actually, it's just our Dining Room

After a long Night, Phoebe has Seven lovely Boys

All the Puppies get a Daily Weight Check

Mr Rainbow

Mr Snow

Mr Carrot 

Mr Ocean

Mr Thunder

Mr Banana

Mr Frog

   All doing very well at One Week Old

Pups are all gaining between 1 & 3 Ounces a Day

Mr Rainbow getting his first Pedicure at 10 Days Old​

Mr Snow getting his first Pedicure at 10 Days Old

Mr Carrot getting his first Pedicure at 10 Days Old

Mr Ocean getting his first Pedicure at 10 Days Old

Mr Thunder getting his first Pedicure at 10 Days Old

Mr Thunder is First to Open his Eyes at 10 Days Old​

Mr Banana getting his first Pedicure at 10 Days Old

Mr Frog getting his first Pedicure at 10 Days Old

Having a Snooze, we have a big Photo Shoot coming up this Afternoon

Merry Christmas from Mr Rainbow

Merry Christmas from Mr Snow

Merry Christmas from Mr Carrot and his best buddy Kevin (the Carrot)

Merry Christmas from Mr Ocean

            Merry Christmas from Mr Thunder

               Merry Christmas from Mr Banana

                 Merry Christmas from Mr Frog

It's been such a busy day today!

(Mr Thunder)

I Love my Brother

(Mr Ocean on top and Mr Thunder under)

Not much room at the Milk Bar now

They didn't even give me time to lie down today.

Standing Room Only

We are now too big for the Kitchen Scales, Now using the "Big Boy" Ones

Mr Rainbow

Mr Snow

Mr Carrot

Mr Ocean

Mr Thunder

Mr Bananna

Mr Frog

We are trying Solid food for the first time today








We have to be Wormed today, we haven't got a clue what that is.

Mr Rainbow "I'm just going to spit it out when you are not looking"

Mr Snow "That wasn't too bad"

Mr Carrot "Yuk"

Mr Ocean "This is what I thought of that"

Mr Thunder "I think my mouth is leaking"

Mr Banana "I think I still look Cute"

Mr Frog "They say we must have it again tomorrow, No, No, No."

We have very good Table Manners

Above, From Left to Right.

Frog. Banana. Thunder. Ocean. Carrot. Snow. Rainbow.

Rainbow, Thunder and Carrot



I'm watching you three

Ocean and Frog

We have to pose on the Catwalk later (Why is it not called a Dogwalk?)

Mr Rainbow

Mr Snow

Mr Carrot

Mr Ocean

Mr Thunder

Mr Banana

Mr Frog

We are Six weeks Old now and we get a little treat if we behave whilst having our Daily Weight Check.

Mr Rainbow

6 Weeks Old

10lb 8oz (4.76Kg)

Mr Snow

6 Weeks Old

11lb 3oz (5.1Kg)

Mr Carrot

6 Weeks Old

11lb 8oz (5.2Kg)

Mr Ocean

6 Weeks Old

8lb 15oz (4.1Kg)

Mr Thunder

6 Weeks Old

9lb 6oz (4.43Kg)

Mr Banana

6 Weeks Old

9lb (4.1Kg)

Mr Frog

6 Weeks Old

10lb 9oz (4.8Kg)

Standing room only at the Bar

Playtime at Six & a Half Weeks Old

Just back from the Vets, we have been checked & chipped, we all have a clean bill of health and none of us cried

Which one looks like Boris

From Left to Right:-

Rainbow, Snow, Carrot, Ocean, Thunder Banana, Frog.

Mr Banana

My very first Bath,

I,m going to my new home today.

That wasn't so bad

Hey, Iv'e had that collar all my life you know

One last hug from Mummy

Meet some of my new family, they are going to call me Thando

Mr Ocean

I thought water was just for drinking

This is Cosy

Cutting the Ribbon

Where am I going?

I'm going to be just fine

Mr Snow

I needed that

This is a bad hair day

Don't you dare cut my collar

You have haven't you?

This is nice

Mr Carrot

I might be a swimmer when I grow up

I don't think this is my colour!

That's my favourite collar you know

Bye Bye Mummy Hilary

Bye Bye, see you again soon!

Mr Frog

Just because I'm called Frog, doesn't mean I like the water

Actually, it wasn't that bad

Please, Not the collar, how will I know who I am?

This is Monica & Sudhakar, my new Mummy & Daddy

Mr Thunder

At Last, it's my turn for a Bath

I'm Super clean and ready to go to my new home

Why are you cutting off my Black Ribbon

That's my Great Great Grandmother on that mask you know.

Where are we going to?

Mr Rainbow

I'm the last one to get a Bath,

Bit worried about it, I never saw any of the others after they had one?

I Enjoyed that (NOT)

I'm Very fluffy after my Bath

This is Me with Granny Jazmin

This is my favourite spot 

Thank You for looking at Phoebe's Litter, All the Pups have now gone to their Lovely New Homes (except Rainbow who is staying with us here at Hilsgolden's and is known as Ezra)

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